“You Have Not Understood What Sex Is” ~ Osho

Excerpts from Osho’s The Tantra Vision, Volume 2, Chapter3

“The need to take a vow against sex is only because you have not understood what it is. Society does not allow you to understand it…

Society has avoided the subjects of sex and death down the centuries. These subjects are not to be contemplated … They are to be avoided. Through that avoidance, a great ignorance has existed about them.

There are two people out of that ignorance — one who indulges madly and one who becomes very tired [of it] and escapes.

Tantra says the one who is indulging madly will never understand. He will be simply repeating and habit … and will never look into the root cause of the habit …

Through indulgence sex becomes a habit. It helps give a little release, just like a sneeze … You become too much burdened of energy and you have to throw that energy [away]… just to gather it again through food, exercise, sunlight.

That’s what the indulgent person does, creates great energy and throws it for no purpose, no significance.

Having it, he suffers, the tension of it. Throwing it he suffers, the weakness of it.

The indulgent man is the most miserable man in the world.

But tantra does not propose you escape from the world of indulgence. Whatever you repress becomes very powerful within you.

Both indulgence and renunciation are traps … The only way out is to become aware, alert.

Don’t go to the Himalayas. Bring a Himalayan silence within you. Don’t escape. Look into things deeply without fear …

Don’t listen what your so-called religious people go on teaching … They don’t allow you to look into sex. They don’t allow you to look into death. They have exploited your fears … ‘Sex is sin,’ so you are afraid. Even while making love you you are avoiding. You don’t want to look into it and see what exactly it is — why it infatuates, why it has a magnetic pull over you … how it arises, how it takes possession over you, and what it gives, where it leads, what happens in it and what happens out of it?

Where do you arrive again and again making love? Do you arrive anywhere?

Tantra is an encounter with the reality of life, and sex is fundamental. So is death … They are the two most basic, fundamental chakras.

Understanding them, the third chakra opens … then the fourth … when you understand the sixth chakra it hits the 7th chakra … On that day God comes to you, and you come to God. That day is the day of cosmic orgasm. The river disappears in the ocean forever, and then there is no coming back.”

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