1. Lauren S

    Thank you for this. Far too many Americans don’t even know what a normal penis looks like, let alone how it’s supposed to function.
    Circumcision rates are dropping but cutting hairs is still common. If Americans understood how basic normal anatomy works, maybe they be less willing to mutilate their sons.

  2. Dr. Mike

    I’m a doctor. I am also circumcised. I am also polyamourous, and have three women (and 2 men) in my family. Two of us are circumcised and one is not. Our women have orgasms. Multiple orgasms. Every time, no matter what. So this article is pure, unadulterated BULLSHIT.

    • Back in 2001, when SANII book was written, the common opinion, even among doctors, was that the foreskin was redundant skin that served no purpose and therefore, should be cut off. We now know, for sure, that’s not true:


      Do the revelations revealed in SANII apply to every woman and man universally in every sexual situation? No. And the book never said that.

      But the book did prove, unquestionably, that nature designed the penis foreskin for a sexual purpose. And during the lovemaking movements of intercourse, it can play a definite, delicate, vital role, adding immeasurably to the comfort and pleasure of both partners. And that’s something we should stop and think before we blindly routinely circumcise more baby boys.

    • Maxx

      My jewish girlfriends FAR prefered my large thick uncircumcised cock than the standard jewish penis. Also in the bible circumcision was a sign of being a slave, vanquished.

  3. Gadhet

    Oh please, I call bullshit. I’m circumcised, fully. My lovers come many times to my one. I’m just average length but thick… but my intension is what I believe makes the difference. I’ve had so many lovers who have never orgasmed before. They have told me of their preferences in men’s penises, but after we have played that all goes out the window. Sex is 99% between the ears.

  4. Matt

    I have lived the life of a circumcised male from birth. I’m extremely happy that I was circumcised before I would of remembered it. From what I have seen first hand it is a very painful procedure best done in the delivery room.
    For those of us who don’t luck out with perfect parents and enough sense to care for their own bodies properly, or even after a hot and sweaty day, it saves the individual from urinary tract infections and even having to worry about such an abomination. For anyone who has ever had the misfortune of catching a UTI, it is one of the most painful ordeals you could ever go through short of suffering through a full on kidney stones, or in laymen’s terms a male pregnancy (women get them as well and it’s just as painful, but while we’re on the subject, an unclean uncircumcised penis can give women UTI infections, yeast infections, crabs, etc… if the female is unfortunate to have a sexual encounter with an uncircumcised male, she better take the time to wash the mans genitalia for him just to be safe, because there are some LAZY people both un- and circumcised I’m not a doctor, but I’ve seen it happen…). Not to mention the smell that comes with it. If you’re not OCD with keeping it clean or even on an average basis, dead skin cells, urine, sweat, foreign particulates, fecal mater, etc builds up fast in those folds, to the point where you can smell it a few lockers over in the locker room. I could go on about the MANY disadvantages to being uncircumcised, such as it makes it a lot easier to get the penis skin caught in your pants zipper, but as I said, I’m not a medical doctor so you’ve probably stopped listening to my eyewitness accounts of uncircumcised penis disadvantages and the dangers it can pose to the females who will even think about touching one.
    So I’ll leave you with this to say on uncircumcised penises, most women find them disgusting and for good reason.
    As far as sex goes and blaming circumcised penises for women’s unsatisfactory reports. Gentleman, here’s the secret: get to know your partners sexual preferences, turn on’s, and taboos. As I’ve said three times now, I am not a doctor, just a cery experienced male with a circumcised penis and a long list of happily satisfied women (condoms, birth control pills or injections, and std tests were and still are taken frequently) to vouch for their preference of circumcised over uncircumcised penises to the point where if they find out it’s uncircumcised they will leave the situation as quickly as possible.

  5. Shawn

    You met someone really wonderful who treated you well, and yet a few years into your marriage, you started cheating on him?

    There’s something called “Self-control”, and “Integrity”, and you clearly don’t have either.

  6. Thomas

    I thought circumcision only affects a small Jewish minority of all people on this planet. How could it be a reason for so many women from so many different culture backgrounds to not-orgasm?

  7. Ari V

    “No one seems exactly sure why this is. It’s a frustrating mystery no sexpert has been able to solve.”

    Wait what? This is taught in sex ed, anatomy, physiology, and sociology. The clit and head of the penis begin in utero as the same thing – but they turn into different organs depending on what chromosomes you have. In both cases, that’s where most of the nerves are, so stimulation to that area causes orgasm.

    That’s why it’s difficult for most women to orgasm vaginally most of the time. It’s no mystery. I didn’t read the rest of the article because that claim was ridiculous, lol.

  8. Terina Plyler

    While I appreciate this article pointing out the benefits of having a foreskin during sex, it unfortunately leaves out the fact that partners are going to have to work with each other, foreskin or not, in order to achieve orgasm. I have successfully guided many men with and without foreskin to help me achieve orgasm. It takes patience, practice, and it means caring if your partner receives pleasure. (no selfish atttitudes!) My main concern is that a man reading this article would use it as a scapegoat and tell his partner, “I’m sorry honey I can’t give you an orgasm. this article here says I can’t because I don’t have a foreskin”.

  9. Heidi L Wilson

    Wow. This is confirmation! I have had three lovers with whom I was able to orgasm easily together 99% of the time. All three were uncercumcised. Every new relationship I am in I am silently dissapointed that they are clipped. We can have fun but I can’t ignore the memory of what it can be….

  10. Amy Schaffert

    I am very interested in this topic. My son isn’t circumcised. I am going to talk to my husband about this.

  11. Jim D.

    This article seems like a thinly veiled advertisement for the book. That is not to say that circumcision isn’t a problem. Even so, another sexual technique wasn’t mentioned, and that is when the man keeps his pubic mound constantly in contact with the woman’s and makes sliding motions with his pelvis instead of the normal in and out of the penile shaft. The constant pressure and stimulation of the clitoris will almost always send the woman over the edge. Speaking from experience. Circumcision or not, this method works.

    • It’s definitely an advertisement. I get a percentage of my Amazon recommendations. The thing is I can advertise whatever book I want, so I only advertise those that resonate with my experience.

  12. Fleur

    I just partnered with a circumcised man after two years with an intact man. The level of disconnection was profound. This new man is showing so many signs of being a better intellectual and day to day partner for me but I can’t get the other one out of my mind. There is an unexplainable union that I had with the previous that makes no sense as the drama in the relationship doesn’t support my still positive feelings for him which in know are inspired by the sexual compatibility that was in my opinion more mechanical compatibility than anything else. We want to believe we are there emotional and logical creatures who choose partners from a good list of pros and cons but the man who is able to penetrate your body in such a way, may find his way to your soul regardless of all else.

  13. Hanalei

    As an “intact” man, I have suspected this all along!!! That’s probably why I still have such good physical relations (sex) with my ex wife!!!
    As a matter of fact, it’s the same with all my exes!!! We’ve all stayed friends and sometimes even lovers.

  14. Dear Sara,

    Congratulations on a great piece.

    I would love to repost this piece in our platform. Could you please get back to me so that I can give you all the details.

    Much love,

  15. It’s tempting to attribute causation to one factor but it isn’t that simple. I’ve had vaginal orgasms with both circ and uncirc men and I’ve not had vaginal orgasms with the very same men. Anatomy is part of the equation but presence and intimacy and a host of other factors play an equal role.

  16. KT

    Being circumcised has no bearing on a man’s ability to find the clitoris. Yes, it is still his fault. Wtf is this garbage? There are much better cases to be made against circumcision than, “BUT NO ORGAMZMZMZMZ FOR TEH WIMMIMZ!” Plenty of us have fucked dudes with foreskins and still not orgasmed.

  17. Erica N

    I did not have my son’s penis mutilated. I’m so glad he has good sex to look forward to with his partner one day.
    However I’m not a big fan of the body shaming by other little boys because their parents haven’t educated them what a natural penis is versus a cut one.


    I feel as if I had written the book myself. I honestly believe that was the source of my fear of penetration, which robbed both my ex and me of the wonderful times we might have had. It’s so well explained. I always thought that the prepuce should have been kept on to prevent germs from entering the uncovered incision, or picking up lint from the underwear. I don’t have any idea how it feels to have sex. Yet, I have two kids which explains that pregnancy can occur with or without penetration. He used to call it “brushing” since the penis was only brushing the vagina’s entrance that usually brought him pain with regards to my pubic hair. Masturbation became our sexual fulfillment. Being now older, having killed the taboos, I’m more open to understanding the facts of life. Then, why did God prescribe Circumcision? He already knew about our infidelity aspect indeed. A faithful couple don’t have to worry about circumcision. The penis is used to one vagina, therefore no need to worry about the prepuce carrying or storing some foreign fluids. Those who want to enjoy a blissful sex life should take a fidelity vow. Thank you, for this insightful theory!

  19. Sherry Coll

    I find this very difficult to believe. I have been with two uncircumcised men, and found both to be very painful to have intercourse with. I never could orgasm vaginally with either of them. Plus, I got frequent yeast infections from the long-term partner (my husband), because the yeast got into his foreskin , even though he said he kept himself quite clean, and he kept passing the infection back to me. He refused to believe me that he had the infection, because there are no symptoms for a man, so he refused treatment. After a few years of getting terrible and painful infections that would take 2-3 weeks to heal, I stopped having sex with him, because the pain was just not worth it. Circumcised men are so much more sanitary and safe.

    • “Circumcised men are so much more sanitary and safe.”

      Oh come on. Uncircumcised women have more bacteria-trapping folds and are more prone to infections than uncircumcised men by a large margin, and we leave their genitals alone. There has not been one study, performed under the same sterilized conditions in which we examine male circumcision, of the health benefits of removing, say, the female inner labia, and yet there are literally hundreds of studies concerning the health benefits of removing the male foreskin. There’s something else going on here, and it’s not science; if infection reduction were the goal, then the population most infection-prone (uncircumcised females) should be the population most studied.

  20. i think this is kind of silly. i’m a lesbian who has had vaginal orgasms from a young age. i’ve been with two uncircumcised men, a dozen circumcised men and a handful of very talented strapped women with dildos that most certainly did not have foreskin. Annnd….the women win hands down. Multiple, insane vaginal orgasms all night long. Super ejaculations where I can feel my uterus contracting like mad. i have had a LOT of sex over many years with many different lovers. i think figuring out how and what gets us off is what leads to our best orgasms, vaginal for some, clitoral for others, my bestie comes like a rocket when her nipples are tweaked a certain way. let’s forget the one size fits all prescriptions. i’m happy i didn’t circumcise my son. and i’m happy for all of the women in my life who come like crazy with or without dicks, foreskins, men, penetration, etc.

  21. Chris

    The divorce rate in U.S. is not double Europe. In fact it’s much higher in some countries. If she takes liberty with such a meaningless fact I wonder what else is exagerrated.

    • Mr. Ohara, such an honor to have you comment on my blog! You are so courageous and heroic for facing and taking on this issue! Your wife is also a courageous and lucky woman!

  22. gerard

    This looks like a fake news propaganda article, with an agenda.
    It’s b.s..
    Get off this kick about circumsions.
    It’s been around for hundreds of years, with no problems.
    I know many women who prefer it, get more orgasms, as well as many circumcised men how have done fine in the bedroom.
    Get over yourself, it’s just another conspiracy theory

  23. gerard

    And also one woman, or man’s opinion, or even a few doesn’t make it fact.
    If I were to do a survey, I could come up with hundreds who are fine with circumsion, both men and women.

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