The Patriarchal Conspiracy To Pretend Cervical Orgasms Don’t Exist, Dressed in Feminist Clothing

Neurotically relying on clitoral stimulation before, during or after intercourse in the frantic pursuit of female orgasm, has become the norm due to the fact that all men ejaculate too soon when making love. This has resulted in the popular myth that women are not biologically designed to reach orgasm by penile thrusting alone

The crux of the matter is that foreplay, or manual clitoral stimulation during penetration is the only solution that doctors can come up with,’

The irony is that sex therapy, which is supposed to liberate women from male chauvinism, has instead, inbred into men an arrogant selfishness.

Men who make love for two – five minutes do not think they have a problem when the woman does not reach orgasm. As far as he’s concerned, it’s her problem. This delinquent ‘I’m OK’ mentality is the disastrous effect of the medically unsound quackery of today’s sex doctors and therapists. By their gross misrepresentation of the problem of premature ejaculation, they encourage and confirm this selfish attitude in men.

Let’s examine the  anti-female propaganda of the sex therapists. The official medical interpretation of premature ejaculation is as follows:
1. If a man ejaculates before, or while entering a woman; or after only a few thrusts, this is premature ejaculation.

2. If a man can thrust for two – five minutes, he does not suffer from premature ejaculation.

3. If a woman does not achieve orgasm after two – five minutes of thrusting, she suffers from anorgasmia – it’s her problem!

The underlying insinuation is that two – five minutes thrusting is the natural limit for the male, therefore, women must have the problem.

Foreplay has been hailed as the key to female orgasm. You can spot the cliché a mile off… “Practice, lots of erotically satisfying practice, makes perfect” etc. But practice what? Practice hours of obligatory oral sex, (lovely when shared affectionately rather than neurotically), and five minutes, or ten if you’re lucky, of actual penetrative sex. (3 1/2 minutes is the average, if the truth be known!)

It is not foreplay, but Orgasmic Genital Gratification that is chronically lacking in sexual relationships.

Foreplay is without doubt the sexual ‘red herring’ of the twentieth century. Men and women have become so expert at foreplay … they believe they are experienced, and confidently proficient in the Art of sexual love.

It is precisely because men have become experts at foreplay tactics that they are hood-winked into believing that they don’t ‘have a problem.’. A steamy sex session usually means half an hour of foreplay and five minutes of penile thrusting.

Foreplay is the only way lovers know how to come close to Orgasmic Genital Gratification.

A proper understanding of impotence will clarify the real issues of female orgasm. Premature ejaculation and impotence are inseparably connected … Men are not aware that they are locked into a premature ejaculation-impotence syndrome.

1. It gives them a form of sexual satisfaction that is free of the neurotic pressures of ‘performance’ which they experience when trying to satisfy a woman.
2. Women are not particularly impressed with men’s love-making and are tiring of long oral-sex scenarios, followed by short-lived ejaculatory penetrative sex.
3. Men are also becoming ‘bored’ with long foreplay sessions every time they want to make love.
4. Sexual Attraction. If partners are not ‘turned on’ by each other’s bodies, there is little natural enthusiasm for regular sex together.

5. Continuous uncontrolled ejaculation in sex or masturbation establish a conditioned premature ejaculation reflex, accompanied by impotence, loss of erectile power and depleted sex drive. Fear of loss of sex drive, combined with unsatisfactory sexual intercourse, results in a fury of sexually frustrating, fantasy-based masturbation neurosis.

Impotence is at the heart of man’s sexual fear.

They are advised to ‘spice up their sex lives with variety and romance, or as they get older, they should somehow “sublimate the sexual aspect of their relationship with a ‘deeper awareness'”. Men are deceived by such puerile advice and in order to prove to themselves their own virility, they masturbate themselves to oblivion, forever chasing women they can’t have.

Meanwhile, back on the farm, women are no longer content to be ‘taken like cattle’. They are engrossed in their own private war, trying to fathom out the elusive ‘earth-moving’ orgasm; which they now have permission to take responsibility for themselves.

As a result, millions of loving relationships are thwarted by unreliable erectile power, loss of sex drive, lack of female orgasm and therefore, lack of interest in unsatisfactory sex;

A performance of five to ten minutes and lack of female orgasm leads to one of two nightmare scenarios:

1. She convinces him ‘it was wonderful’ anyway and he falls asleep, content that his manhood is still intact and that he is a good lover. She may then masturbate herself to orgasm, or sadly lie awake, thinking that she needs to ‘get to know her own body better.’

2.  To prove he’s a ‘good lover’, he continues thrusting regardless of the fact that he has lost the power of his erection. He tries frantically to bring her to orgasm with a slopping soft penis, and even if he does eventually succeed in regaining a hard erection, there is insufficient bio-electrical excitement (orgasmic sexual tension), to arouse the woman’s orgasm energy. Her clitoris and vagina are numbed by the insensitive and tactless bashing … The woman, realizing that he is hopelessly trying to bring her to orgasm, but desperately wanting him to stop, has very few choices. She can either tactlessly tell him to stop his pointless thrusting and gently caress her clitoris (afterplay) … or lovingly fake an ‘earth-moving’ orgasm.

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