The Dancer (From Brad’s Perspective)

ae961242b8299324dca09359f4e8ad28Her eyes were blue and hypnotic. Like laser beams, they forced me to bend to her will. I stood up like a love-drunk zombie and made my way up to her stage.

As I approached, her other features became clearer – her chestnut hair, cherry red lipstick and an ass you could bounce quarters off of. She worked and twerked the stage like none before her, climbing and spinning on the pole that stood erect in the center of the stage. She climbed all the way to the top and slowly made her way back down to the bottom, undulating rhythmically to the music, dressed in nothing but her tiny white thong. It was poetry in motion.

I threw some money at her feet as a token of my appreciation. She crawled across the stage, toward me, like a cat, with a Cheshire grin. She climbed up my chest onto her knees, and gave me a little dance, pressing my cheeks between her sweet smelling breasts.

This was the first time Sara and I had been to a strip club together. It was more than we’d hoped for. The magnetic woman on the stage – Kitty – was an acquaintance whose kids Sara babysat from time to time. I’d secretly had a crush on her from the first time I saw her.

After her pole dance, Sara and I decided it would make the evening even more interesting, if we chose her for a lap dance. She graciously accepted and told Sara she could have one too, if she wanted. Another dancer made her way to our table at the same time and without much effort, convinced us to let them both dance for us.

The first dancer was tall and slender, with dark hair, perky tits and a clever smile. The music came on and she slowly made her way toward me, stripping down to nothing but her tight little black thong. She slowly shook her hips and jiggled her ass, proceeding to back it up right on top of my crotch. She spun around, and began thrusting her body back and forth across my lap, dragging and digging her nails into my legs behind her as she went. It was a good time – sort of an opening act for the real deal.

By the time it was Kitty’s turn to dance, I was beside myself. Dressed down to only her floss-like panties, she threw herself on top of me, slowly rocking her hips into me, while brushing her beautiful, tender breasts across my face. I caught a whiff of her sweet perfume as she pressed her body harder and harder against mine. I was feverish by the time the song ended.

It was time to pick our daughter up. Sara offered to go, so I could have a little more time to win my dream girl’s heart. Kitty saw me sitting alone and joined me. She gazed straight into my eyes as we chatted about life. Her eyes were even more mesmerizing than before. Talking with her came easy, as words fell effortlessly from her luscious red lips. We talked about ours kids, past relationships and polyamory, and how nice it was to be free to be open and honest about all of our feelings.

pole_81333072_OV51Sara returned to pick me up just as Kitty was about to get back on stage. Sara encouraged me to stay for one last dance. Time stood still as I watched her float up and down the pole, like a wispy cloud. It was like a beautiful dream.

When she was done, I made my way back to Sara a happy man.

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  1. These are beautiful! But I have to ask – fiction? Non-fiction? A little of both? Either way, I love your writing style… Concise. Compelling. Good writing!

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