The Calm Before the Storm

I haven’t written a Polyamory Diaries entry for a while. I guess the polyamorous part of me lies dormant for now.

After preaching against “the naturalness of monogamy’ for two and a half years, here I am sexually and romantically monogamous for at least three months.

Brad and I haven’t made any official agreement to be monogamous, it’s just sort of ended up that way. And we’re both enjoying it immensely, for now.

We’ve been on and off polyamory a dozen times since we opened our relationship three years ago.

We both imagined that once we sold the food truck and downsized into a camper, the simpler, less stressful life would give us more time to process all of the negative emotions and childhood fears triggered by sharing our romantic partners.

But, now that we actually have time to breathe and reflect, we’re realizing we have a lot more work to do than we thought.

We finally have a chance to dig through and acknowledge our childhood trauma and programming and are seeing how deep it is.

I imagine it’ll probably take a few more months before we’re grown up enough to handle another relationship.

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