“Sometimes I Fear Making You Jealous is the Only Way to Make You Want Me…”

When you are distant and angry, I feel hurt, rejected, abandoned and afraid. But I still want to say I love you and I care about the frustration and desperation you seem to be feeling.
And I’m ready to listen and scratch your head if and when you’re ready.
I thought you were spending the night with Ben?
Is that why you’re mad?
I said that as a threat to manipulate you into having sex with me earlier. Immature asshole I know, but I couldn’t help it. I was desperate for you to fuck me.
And sometimes I fear that making you jealous is the only way to make you want me.
I do occasionally feel sexually attracted to Ben, and fantasize about how exciting it would be to fuck him one or two more times before we all die, but that sexual spark doesn’t hold a candle to my love for you. You are my life partner. I want to share my life with you.
I would be a little sad for a while if Ben and us moved away from each other, but I would be devastated for years if I lost you. I wouldn’t go to the grave happy if I hadn’t done everything in my power to reunite with you. There may be another person or two or three that become something like “life partners” to me someday, but there will never be another I create life with.
I love you twin flame. I love you.

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