People Say “There’s More to Life than Sex”…

People say there’s more to life than sex… I say it depends on how you define sex…
I think a bee pollinating a flower is sex.
I think the sound of a spring breeze through the leaves of tall trees is sex.
I think lying on the grass with the hot sun on your skin is sex.
I think a seed implanting itself into the earth is sex.

I think music is sex.

I think dancing is sex.

I think writing poetry is sex.

I think eating is sex.

I think yoga is sex.

I think swimming in the ocean is sex.

I think staring deeply into your enemy’s eyes is sex.

I think creative energy is sexual energy, and sexual energy is creative energy.

I think sex destroys us, then heals us, then makes us into something new.

I think, like Osho said, sexual energy is our life force.

I think sexual energy birthed us, gave us breath and keeps us alive.

I think a culture that suppresses sex, is a culture with a death wish.

A culture that suppresses sex is a culture that suppresses the Divine Feminine and exalts the Divine Masculine – a culture that suppresses MOTHER Nature, and wants FATHER God to destroy all life on the planet, so She can create something new.

But in the end, She’s going to save Him. She’s going to bring Him back to life even though He crushed Her head. And in doing so, He is going to save Her, by recycling his life energy back into her, allowing her to create something new once again.

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