Why Men Cheat

And it Has Nothing to Do With You (Ladies) As the daughter of a father who cheated on all four of his wives, my expectation that men are bound to get bored and eventually stray is partly what made the discovery of the option of polyamory so appealing to me. From my observations growing up, … [Read more…]

Brad’s Second Big Date

Brad went on his second big date last night. He’s been on a handful, but this is the second one I’ve perceived him to be really excited about. He’s been talking to a lady – we’ll call her Erin – for a couple of months on the internet. They were supposed to go on a … [Read more…]

Baby Steps Back to the Village

I don’t know what to do. It’s 5:30 a.m. My arms are weak and my hands are almost too shaky to type. My nose is running and sneezing, as it has been for three weeks. My eyes are itchy, burning and swollen. My mouth is dry and I have sores under my tongue. I’m so … [Read more…]

Permanence vs. Life

Woke up at 5, like I often do, and held on as tight as I could to Brad and Nora. Things are strange at 5 in the morning. Undistracted by the worries and chores of the day, I have a moment to put all of my focus into the things that matter – Brad and … [Read more…]

“Attacking Monogamy”

A lot of people have accused me of “attacking monogamy.” I’m not exactly sure what to make of that. I don’t know why anyone would take offense to me attacking a concept, but I suppose what people are really saying is they feel that I am attacking them personally. I can assure any of you … [Read more…]

Fighting in Isolation

Just wanted to quickly complain about how much fighting sucks in the isolated, co-dependent context of monogamy. I can only imagine how much smoother fights between romantic partners would go and how much more quickly issues would be resolved in the context of a polyamorous village. I’m sure some of you think that sounds nuts, … [Read more…]


June. I can’t think of a more appropriate name for her. Like Anais Nin’s June, she is beautiful, mysterious, mystical and enchanting – a true bohemian Gypsy woman. The first time I really met her, last winter, she wore a tiny red shirt under over-sized engineer overalls, her wild hair disheveled and her giant eyes … [Read more…]

Satiating Sexual Hunger

I wrote my last couple of posts (here and here) from a place of sexual scarcity (which is the state I now believe long-term monogamy will lead most people to). But since then – in the last seven days – I have satisfied all my sexual longings (at least for the moment) with the help … [Read more…]

Osho and Bonobos

Another blogger recently wrote a post critiquing my post about my newfound kinship with bonobos. He seemed to have trouble reconciling my sometimes-animalistic sexual urges with my quest for a deeper spiritual experience. He said it was ironic that I frequently quote Osho, throughout my blog, as a teacher of sexual freedom. He claims Osho … [Read more…]