Is Polyamory Worth It? Reflections Two Years After Opening Our Relationship

Brad and I have no regrets about opening up our relationship two years ago, but we’re feeling a little monogamish these days, having a temporary lull in our need for novelty and a more immediate need for stability and security.

“How monogamous are you?” I asked Brad the other day. I described an imaginary spectrum with “extremely monogamous” – meaning you never even think romantic or sexual thoughts about people other than your partner – on one end of the spectrum, and “extremely polyamorous” – meaning you fall in love with and/or want to have sex with almost everyone you meet – at the other end of the spectrum.

Give that definition, Brad said he thought almost no one was 100 percent monogamous.

We came to the conclusion that whether we feel more monogamous or more promiscuous can change at any given moment, depending on whether we’re feeling a stronger need for security or novelty.

And, after all this, guess who has a date with a new woman tonight?

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