1. JeyWR

    Twin flames are one of many creation principles, but when people say they are rare, it is unclear if this means that they are rare EXISTENTIALLY or if they are rarely recognized/actualized in this lifetime. Is everyone a twin flame? Hard to say….. What is clear(-er) is that the overwhelming majority of people claiming to be in reunion with their twin are mistaken. It is painted as some beautiful, fairytale romance that only comes along once in a lifetime, which it is not. It is the literal other half of your soul, which almost nobody can comprehend. Twin flame unions are not divine marriages awaiting everyone; think of it instead as a painful expurgation of your autonomous sense of self. That loss of singular individuality is not a welcome thought to most, and if people realized the truth of what they were dabbling in, they would run away from the “twin flame” concept so fast their heads would spin.

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