Everything is Sex

The African man is raising the vibration of everyone in the room with his drum

He’s creating orgone (orgasm) energy

He’s letting us plateau for a long time

This is why Nora asked if dancing was sex

It is

I am raising the vibration too

We all are

It’s a co creation


Anais Nin was right about black people….

They have the rich, white people outsmarted

They know jazz… they know rhythm … they know sex… I’m writing while dancing… I’m peaking. I’m surfing.

I am co creating this music…. June would understand… I’m bringing it to life…… extending the plateau of the orgasm

I left Brad with several beautiful lady friends to move on to the next dance club while I go pick up Nora

I figure it’s my way of paying it forward

I walked by Mojo, where I spent last New Years with June… after I passed it, I realized she was paying it forward by hanging out with me… by gracing us with her presence

June is richer than I am because she’s found a way to be rich without any money

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