The Sexual Revolution of the 60’s and 70’s Was the Tip of the Iceberg: Top 4 Ways We’re Still Sexually Repressed

My friend argues we no longer sexually repressed. I assume by “we” he meant modern Americans (and maybe Europeans, Canadians and Australians), but I am going to respond on behalf of civilized humans in general. Let me count the ways civilized humans are still sexually repressed: 1. Genital Mutilation. First consider that a good chunk … [Read more…]

The Patriarchal Conspiracy To Pretend Cervical Orgasms Don’t Exist, Dressed in Feminist Clothing

Neurotically relying on clitoral stimulation before, during or after intercourse in the frantic pursuit of female orgasm, has become the norm due to the fact that all men ejaculate too soon when making love. This has resulted in the popular myth that women are not biologically designed to reach orgasm by penile thrusting alone The … [Read more…]

Cervical Orgasms, Circumcision and Ableism

A couple of years ago I started having my first intense, long-lasting, cervical orgasms. It was during intercourse with a man with a partially restored foreskin. While I know there were several other factors at play, I have since determined the partial foreskin was a significant one. Sex coach Kim Anami describes the difference between … [Read more…]