Women Unite!

‏I often fear that I will have to resort to 100% lesbianism.

It’s not that I’m afraid of connecting sexually and romantically with women, I want more of that.

It’s that I’m afraid I’ll never find a man/men who are my equals energetically. And I want to.

It seems so many of my female friends have a well spring of emotional, sexual and energetic love to give, while I’ve never met a male who didn’t feel like he was taking something from me.

This realization brings me to the depths of despair, because I realize men aren’t “taking” intentionally…

They just didn’t get as much love as we did as young girls, and now they are trying to “take” the love they missed out on as young boys.

I know I’m speaking in sweeping generalizations and there are exceptions to this rule. It’s just my experience and the experience of so many women I know.

Women, it’s time to stand up, love ourselves, love each other, and show men the way back to Love. ❤❤❤

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