The Sexual Revolution of the 60’s and 70’s Was the Tip of the Iceberg: Top 4 Ways We’re Still Sexually Repressed

My friend argues we no longer sexually repressed. I assume by “we” he meant modern Americans (and maybe Europeans, Canadians and Australians), but I am going to respond on behalf of civilized humans in general. Let me count the ways civilized humans are still sexually repressed: 1. Genital Mutilation. First consider that a good chunk … [Read more…]

The Calm Before the Storm

I haven’t written a Polyamory Diaries entry for a while. I guess the polyamorous part of me lies dormant for now. After preaching against “the naturalness of monogamy’ for two and a half years, here I am sexually and romantically monogamous for at least three months. Brad and I haven’t made any official agreement to … [Read more…]