Caring Less… Breaking Free

Brad just disappeared, after we’ve been fighting all day. I’m trying not to care, and my not caring act almost feels genuine. I mean why the fuck would I care? Where could he possibly be that it would matter? He’s home now, I think, and I’m almost disappointed he’s back. Maybe he isn’t. Doesn’t matter. … [Read more…]

Why I Can’t Leave

I guess it basically comes down to fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of losing the familiar. Fear of hurting him. Fear of being alone. Fear of hurting my daughter. Fear of losing my identity. Fear of freedom. Because, my friend was right – it’s easier to be a slave. I’m a really well-treated slave… … [Read more…]


I’m letting my desire burn me into the ground, as I heard my guru’s friend say one time. It’s not often I deny myself sexual satisfaction by giving up too easily on pursuing one of my lovers. But tonight one of those lovers – Ben – has expressed to me that I’ve crossed his boundaries … [Read more…]

Stop Shaming Men for Having a Sex Drive

In many progressive social circles, where slut-shaming women is rightfully frowned upon, men are still the victims of a similar sexual shaming  – we’ll call it “creep shaming” – in which men are called “creeps” or “jerks” every time they admit to finding multiple women sexually attractive “Oh yeah, rub it in,” my boyfriend said … [Read more…]