Break-Up Sex is the Best Kind of Sex

Forget “make-up” sex, “break-up” sex is the best kind of sex by far – the best I’ve ever had anyway. I don’t think I ever had break-up sex with my first boyfriend, but I’ve had it with my second and third now, and it’s really, just… the kind you remember… the kind that leaves you … [Read more…]

Break-Ups, Transitions and the Impossibility of Romance in Financially Dependent Relationships

One of the things I liked in the book More Than Two was the idea that, in polyamory, couples rarely have to “break up.” Rather, they can “transition” their relationship into something new. Our monogamous culture tells us couples who’ve lost that lovin’ feelin’ (which EVERY couple loses eventually) should either “work hard” to get … [Read more…]

Relationships Suck

But what sucks even more is how much I want and need them. All the gurus say learning to love being ALONE is a prerequisite for enlightenment… so I feel like I’m failing by not loving it. I want connection and intimacy. I’ve believed I needed to have that need met by Brad, but now … [Read more…]

The Insatiable Woman

I came across this blog post about how “men want sex more than women,” right at the end of my 33-Day Masturbation Challenge. In it, author of the blog “Sexy, Conscious, Awake” Kelly Marceau argues most men enjoy, want and need sex more than most women. She also argues that “unlike women, men are not … [Read more…]