My Letter to Brad’s New “Girlfriend”

Well, she’s not exactly his “girlfriend”… But Carrie is the first woman Brad’s had sex with more than once since me, and maybe the only woman he’s ever started to fall in love with other than me. So when she told him she just couldn’t do this polyamory thing last night, I think Brad was … [Read more…]

My Non-Wedding Vows

Ok, they’re not mine. They were written by this Jeff Foster guy from, but this is EXACTLY how I feel about Brad, and every other man I’ve ever loved in a way. I’m highlighting the parts that really spoke to me: “Let’s not commit to a future together. The future is so unknown, and we … [Read more…]

How Polyamory Helped Me Find Myself

Little did I know when I set out on my polyamorous journey, I was on a journey to discover myself. Here I was fearing I was doing it because I was too needy, too needy of others, too dependent… trying to find someone else to make “us” whole… Why did I need so many boyfriends? … [Read more…]

Polyamory IS for the “Privileged”

But the privileged don’t always look like this: About a year into this polyamorous experiment, I feel confused, overwhelmed and exhausted. I feel like there is a growing number of people who are either mad at me, feeling hurt by me or about to get hurt by me. And because of this, I’m craving alone … [Read more…]

Dropping the “Poly” Bomb

“When is the appropriate time to tell someone you’re poly?” Brad just asked me. He’d seen the question posted on a polyamory Facebook forum earlier today. Dozens of people rushed to answer the questioner with advice like “immediately” or “before the first date” or “within the first conversation.” Some people said they have it highlighted … [Read more…]