Starting Fresh

I’m supposed to be working, but blogging in my public “diary” feels therapeutic right now. I feel like I’ve been caught up in a tornado all week and just got set back down on solid ground. My legs are still wobbly. The tornado began last Sunday when Brad dropped a last-minute date on me and … [Read more…]

There are Only Two Emotions: Love and Fear

Whew… deep breaths. I guess I’ll start by saying Brad and I worked everything out this morning. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and I think our relationship has just made a turn for the best – toward understanding and love. Brad and I have been fighting worse than usual the last couple of … [Read more…]

I Understand Why They Call it “Cheating” Now

A few weeks ago, I wrote a couple of silly blog posts about how “cheating” was an inappropriate word to describe someone using their own body to have sex with someone else. “Sex is Never Cheating Unless You’re a Slave” and “Cheating Implies Stealing Property” I wrote. I was an idiot. I didn’t know what … [Read more…]

OK Alone, and I Love You

I’m alone tonight. And I’m ok with it. Sure, I panicked for a split second when I realized I’d be spending the evening with me, myself and a 4-year-old… but I took a deep breath, let the momentary pangs of exclusion stab me, and reminded myself that alone time is good. I’ve spent all week … [Read more…]

“Cheating” Implies Stealing Property

I see another post is in order to clear a few things up about my last post – Sex is Not Cheating, Unless You’re a Slave.   Lying I don’t condone having sex behind your romantic partner’s back, and I certainly don’t condone lying about it. I am AGAINST lying. That’s why I’m poly, so … [Read more…]

Sex Isn’t Cheating, Unless You’re a Slave

Call me a radical, but I don’t think having sex with someone other than one’s official partner(s) (husband, girlfriend, closed poly-triad, whatever) is cheating. One may be able to accuse said sex “offender” of lying – which is never an attractive quality – but I can’t think of a circumstance where someone cheated anyone else … [Read more…]