“You Had to Pick My Best Friend?”

This post is continued from my my last post – “Brad’s First Sleepover.” The following day I went to the fair with my roommate Ben, my daughter and a mutual friend of ours, while Brad was at work. It was a good distraction and a surprisingly fun day. Later that night, after my daughter went … [Read more…]

Brad’s First Sleepover

Friday, around midnight I’m sitting up on the couch at midnight blogging ’cause I can’t sleep. Too much energy, too many emotions. Brad’s out on his second date with Erin, the woman he’s been talking to on the internet the last few months, who lives a couple of towns away. I’ve spent the last few … [Read more…]

Why Friends Aren’t Enough

And Why Polyamory Might be the Key to Recreating the Tribe When I tell people I feel lonely and incomplete in a monogamous relationship, they usually respond with something like – “well, that’s why you need friends, duh…” They seem willing to acknowledge that one monogamous, romantic partnership is not enough to meet all of … [Read more…]