New Relationship Energy and Slut Shaming

Elated, ashamed, ecstatic, depressed, blissful, afraid… I felt all of those emotions almost simultaneously when I woke up in another man’s arms yesterday morning. Yes, it happened. The deed is done. I had sex with another man. It was so much more than that, but that seems to be all our culture cares about – … [Read more…]

And it Begins…

A Kindred Spirit After about a month of ignoring them, I decided to check my OkCupid messages. I was feeling antsy and craving a new connection. Not expecting to find anything worthwhile, I sifted through the “heys” and “what’s ups” and “well, hello theres”… Just as I was about to give up, I opened one … [Read more…]

The Death of Marriage

I have to admit, even Brad and I suffered from short bouts of wedding fever when we first met. Shortly after we started dating, he left town for an old friend’s wedding. He called me drunk during the reception and started ranting about how much cooler his wedding was going to be someday. “I’m going … [Read more…]