Processing and Staying Strong

I’m so angry right now. I want to break things and then run away. I want to hurt him. I want to punish him. Ok, the anger is dissipating. I already feel better, just typing that out. Our friend, who is a therapist, was just here trying to facilitate an NVC conversation between us that … [Read more…]

Focusing on Myself

I just remembered Brad’s on a date with a new woman. He’s been gone almost three hours now, and I just realized it. I consider that progress. In the past I’ve been anxious from the moment he starts getting ready to the moment he tells me the whole story the next day. But little by … [Read more…]

Calling Brad’s Bluff

Brad said he wanted me to move out this morning. It’s about the dozenth time he’s played this game, so I have little doubt he’ll change his mind in the next 24 hours, but this time I’m going to call his bluff. Ever since my friend Amy gave me the good advice of calling Ben’s … [Read more…]